Hi, welcome to my portfolio! This website was designed as a capstone portfolio for the College Student Services Administration masters degree program at Oregon State University. All images on this website were taken by me (unless I’m in the photo) — each image has a story related to higher education, which I’m planning to share across this portfolio website. . . this website is still under construction. Please feel free to contact me (webform at the end of this page) with any questions, and thank you for visiting.
My name is James Thomas, and I’m a masters student at Oregon State University studying College Student Services Administration, with plans to graduate in Fall 2017. My research interests include geopolitics + higher education + media, technology, & society studies. Currently I work for the Student Affairs Creative Studio as a Multimedia Production Specialist, and I have worked with the Division of Student Affairs at Oregon State University in various digital communication roles for over 5 years.
I enjoy finding new creative projects, playing the drums, and reading books. This website is a collection of scholarly artifacts, personal reflection, and a demonstration my commitment to and understanding of the professional competencies outlined by the CSSA master's degree program. Please feel free to send me a note using the contact form below!
Thank you!
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