Leading meetings & projects

Competency 2: Professional Skills and Organizational Management
"Demonstrate the ability to take initiative and lead in meetings and on projects or other tasks"
Leading meetings, presentations, and projects is a skill that I've continually developed over my time in graduate school at OSU. I have become more proficient at building ‘slide decks’ for my presentations, have gained valuable experience preparing agendas for meetings, taking notes, and facilitating the begging and end of meetings.  During my undergraduate degree, I had numerous chances to reflect on the meeting facilitation process through work in my leadership minor capstone — I have continued this work through my assistantship, full time work experience, and graduate internships, and have been able to work on my sense of presence at meetings (mindfulness), developing my capacity to understand my own emotions as well as the emotions of others (emotional intelligence), while working to be a more effective leader and communicator. One of the most important things that I have learned and been able to work through is that in every group setting, there are many 1 on 1 relationships (connections). Each of these relationships can be summed when you square the number of participants in the group (4 participants, is 16 total, unique relationships). This highlights the importance of getting to know all members of a group, and working to be in good communication with everyone, while also being aware of the dynamics in the group.

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